SPA3102 Lock Up Problem

I have a Linksys SPA3102 VOIP Adapter which was working fine, until I went in to make a change to the settings, via the web page based setup menu. It suddenly crashed out, and after that would not respond to being accessed via the web page utility. Worse still it now would not respond to the IVR commands. I spent hours on the web trying to find the solution, I even took the unit apart to see if there was some way of resting the unit back to the factory defaults, but THERE IS NO RESET BUTTON. I came back to the problem recently and again spent many hours trying to sort out the problem. Tried getting in touch with Linksys but that was a frustrating waste of time, they simple would not respond to my emails, and as the unit was now out of warranty, I nearly put it in the bin, until I stumbled upon the solution by accident. If you connect up a analogue phone to the "Phone" connector, and leave the phone off the hook, after a while it will sound the "Off Hook" alarm via the phones speaker, if you wait for this alarm to time-out, then press ****, then press 73738#, then respond to the IVR command, press 1 to confirm, this will put the unit back to the factory defaults, and the unit will start working again. I was so pleased to get my unit back, and save me the cost of having to buy another similar unit, that I put this web page together for other suffers.

If this information helps you save a lot of money, perhaps you would like to send me 1 Pound/Euro/Dollar by PayPal, to the email address shown below, as a thank you?

Mark Scotford


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